About Willie


About Willie

Willie Preston is a dedicated husband and father, tireless activist, and community leader.

He is a lifelong resident of Chicago, who has dedicated his life, and work, to fixing our broken criminal justice system, strengthening our schools, and ensuring economic and employment equity exists within our communities.

As a young man just starting a family Willie worked as a Union carpenter to support his family but was personally devastated by the great recession. However, Willie was not deterred and pressed on by continuing his education at Chicago State University. This is why Job training programs are a crucial part of his vision for creating economic growth on the Southside.

As a citizen, Willie has been active throughout the 31st District—he has attended rallies, been elected to the Local School Council in the district, and served on the board for the Chicago Metropolitan YMCA representing an early childhood education learning center inside the district.

He currently works for Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation as a community organizer. There he has fought for community-demanded changes to the city of Chicago's contract with the Fraternal Order of Police. He has also worked to bring the largest Chicago Transit Authority procurement contract in the city's history to the South Side - which would create many much-needed jobs in our communities.